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Client Reviews

Out of all the class based gyms (and classes at regular gyms) I've been to, these classes are incredible. 4 weekly programmed, well thought out, appropriate expertise in an encouraging and inviting environment. 10/10 would recommend.

Kayla Summers

Such a fun, supportive environment to workout in. Feels like a PT session, in a group environment, every session, because of the personal service we get each time .

Steph Kirk

If you want to be motivated and inspired to not just reach your goals but change the way of thinking then this place is for you! We can't all be elite athletes but we can be fit and healthy and look great with balance and that's what the guys at YouFit are all about. Thanks guys!

Kirsty Newman

Fantastic to place to train! The format of the classes is great fun and really keeps you motivated. All trainers give you personal attention and push you along to achieve your goals, helping you with your weaknesses along the way. Educational and functional! Give it a go and you'll kick yourself for not joining sooner!

Richard Booth

If you want to train somewhere where you get top quality coaches that care about you, your needs, your fitness goals and most importantly doing it safely without injury and without any judgement then seriously consider YouFit Training. Fun vibe, classes which keep you motivated while giving you an awesome workout and most importantly somewhere where you feel so comfortable you will want to keep coming back for more!

Simone Carkeek

YouFit is amazing. Let's face it years of neglect and not being active have taken it's toll. But these amazing trainers are supportive, encouraging and most of all your biggest fan. They quickly become your family who you can honestly talk to about anything and they will help you however they can. The vibe that you get every class and I mean every class is amazing no words can describe. Thank you for changing me as a person, I love it.

Megan Smith

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